What’s to say? I live a simple, peaceful life in a small town somewhere in the USA. I’ve come to realize that we can’t go on living oblivious to the gathering storm around us that threatens the peace and stability of our personal lives, our families, and our nation. Our cherished freedoms fought for so hard by our forefathers are rapidly vanishing–swallowed up in the jaws of apathy, complacence, corruption and “political correctness.” Our beloved Constitution hangs by a thread. Is there no one to rescue us? Is there anyone left who cares to be rescued? Do you really believe that the government will take care of you and/or or you’ll be safely whisked off the planet before the proverbial poop hits the propeller for real?

I’m here to help and provide encouragement and support in any way I can for anyone who asks me. But please understand: I can’t come to you. I’m a “lighthouse” and my position is fixed. I will happily show you the way to safe harbor and provide whatever assistance I can. I’ve got a variety of practical skills to offer both online and off that may be of use to you if you need to put in for repairs. And in return I ask only for that which is sufficient for my needs. Fair enough?

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Wishing you a safe and prosperous journey–till we meet again!


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