Unusual weather and the rapidly-changing economic climate are giving more and more of us the feeling that a real “storm” may be headed our way, and with it the danger that we may be caught unprepared. On today’s show Sharon and “Billy Bob” discuss two old-fashioned ways of weathering the storms–whether they be natural or man-made–that work just as well now as they did for our grandparents.

1st half-hour: Sharon and “Billy Bob” talk about the old-fashioned in-home food pantry and why it’s just common sense have one for greater time freedom, food security, and to save yourself a LOT of money.

2nd half-hour: Before the days of electricity and fast food, having a root cellar was just plain common sense. Now the old-fashioned root cellar is making a comeback with the modern form doing double-duty as a backyard storm shelter! Tony Krekeler, owner of Rainy Day Root Cellars, LLC, tells us why the one he has designed works especially well for both food security and storm safety. And there are even government grants available to help you build one!


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