There once was a website named “My Favorite Ezines.” Now it is called “Prepare for Freedom.” All of the inspiring writings, resources, etc. from the original site are being moved here, and the final product promises to be much more relevant to the times we live in today.

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Sharon Iezzi was interviewed on the “Never Say Impossible”
on October 20, 2011. Click the player below to listen.

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Preparing for Freedom means preparing to become self-reliant spiritually, financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically. We simply cannot continue to allow others to control what we believe, think, feel, and even eat! We can’t truly be free when we’re fettered by a fiat money system and follow a state-sponsored religion of corporatism that enslaves us individually and as a nation til “debt do us part.” Hard times are ahead (and for many are already here) as a result of this folly, and it’s time for us to be aware, care, and prepare!

The flame of freedom is still afire in the world and WILL NOT be quenched!

If you believe that physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual freedom is worth caring and preparing for, as well as enjoying right now, then it’s time to make the move from “Scare City” to the great state of Freedom! Are you ready? If you are prepared you need not fear. Be of good cheer! The paradigm is about to change…

Sending you LOVE from the Lighthouse!
Sharon 🙂

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  1. Meg says:

    Hi Sharon, I am a professional writer concentrating on the dream of a mega-book deal. Thank you so much for providing “Using Your Life Power” for free to read on the Internet. I deeply appreciate it – those texts are timeless and really help me stay focused on my dream. Your time and effort putting this up on the Internet is such a gift to visionaries! Thank you kindly! ~ Meg

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